Seeing Jesus in Every Delay

Our trip back to Roatan the first week in September began with a flight delay. Now in most flights, this is usually not a problem; you just hop on the next flight out. Well our flight delay brought us into Atlanta late. We hurried to catch our connecting flight to Roatan, only to find that the flight left 5 minutes earlier. When we asked what we should do next, the person assisting at the gate directed us to the Delta help area. We went there and were asked why they even let us leave Minneapolis since there was no other flight to Roatan for another week? We told her that we didn’t know why. She then said we would need to fly home and wait until the following Saturday. This was not the solution we wanted to hear. Rick asked about other partnering airline flights. The woman assisting us said that’s what she was checking and that there was nothing. In the meantime, 4 other people flying in from Boston had the same thing happen. They only had this week off for their vacation and wanted to get to Roatan, so they were anxious to see what we found out. Knowing this was in God’s hands, we called Orsy and asked what other ways we could get to Roatan. He suggested Belize and then another airline to Roatan. The Delta agent checked, but they were not in partnership with that airline. At this point we were having conversations with the wonderful family that God put in our path that was also heading to Roatan to go diving. During this time, we found out that they would be staying just down the road from the Children’s Home. We invited them to come and visit us if they had some free time. At this point, a second agent came over and helped us to find a solution…we would leave Atlanta and head to Miami. From Miami, we would catch Cayman Airways and go to the Cayman Islands. A side note, while in the Cayman Islands Airport, we also ran into a friend from Roatan. God made another fun connection for us. From the Cayman Islands we flew to Roatan and arrived just in time to say hello to the kids and good night. Yes, God made a way!!
A few days later, I heard someone saying my name and turned to see the family we had met in Atlanta. They brought some ice cream for the kids and spent the afternoon with us. We exchanged email addresses and look forward to staying in contact. Their time at the Children’s Home was filled with fun with the kids. I love how God creates opportunities…at the beginning of the situation we may think that it is an inconvenience, but instead He is creating an opportunity to share His love for His children all over the world. God is so fun! Not only did we make new friends, but we got to see the Cayman Islands…well at least the airport!!
Thank you for your continued prayers!
In His grip,
Christie and Rick

Hasta Luego – See You Later

Christ has risen! What a special time of sharing the Good News of Christ’s resurrection with all we meet! Easter is not celebrated in Honduras like we do in the States. Last year we shared one of our U.S. traditions, decorating eggs with the kids (for most of the kids, this was the first time they decorated eggs). Since they had so much fun, we decided to do it again this year. Below are some of the pictures from decorating. On Easter Sunday, we had a candy hunt. We didn’t have any plastic eggs, so we bagged up some candy for each child with their name on the bag. We hid the candy by the different age groups and they could only pick up the bag that had their name on it. The youngest kids we hid first and in easy locations. The elementary age kids we hid next and made the hiding spots a little harder. Of course we had fun hiding the oldest kid’s bags in difficult spots. It was fun to watch the excitement of the hunt.
In April, our Bible studies moved from Ephesians 6 through Hebrews.  As we studied Ephesians 6, the kids put on the Armor of God. In Philippians, they put glow in the dark star stickers on copies of constellation pictures as they learned the verse from Philippians 2:15b-16, “Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.” After the lesson we hung their constellations on their bedroom ceilings. The kids memorized the verse Paul taught us about how to be content in all circumstances by counting on 10 fingers… “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” They learned in 1 Peter 5:8 to “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” The kids made a lion head out of marshmallows which they devoured (see pic below). Together we studied the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11 and learned to “keep our eyes fixed on Jesus” in Hebrew 12. Our lessons ended with Hebrews 13 which talks about showing hospitality and we enjoyed cake and ice cream (celebrating all the birthdays we will miss while we’re in MN).
In April we celebrated Dayana’s and Gaby’s birthdays before we left. Gaby’s was a special birthday, as it was her quinceanera (15th birthday). This birthday celebrates the coming of age. It is very special! Blanca made gowns for all the girls and ties for the boys. Guests are invited to this special celebration. You can see how special it is (and how much work it is) in the pictures below. Gaby was thankful for a sponsor who paid for her to have this special party.
It’s hard to believe that another 3 months has passed in our lives. Having our visa last for 90 days reminds us of how quickly time passes. It’s time for sweet goodbyes accompanied by tears and “hasta luego” (see you later). Thank you for your continued prayers as we serve God in Honduras!
In Him,
Christie and Rick

God’s Love

Coming upon the completion of three years of splitting time between Minnesota and Roatan, both places feel like home. The big family here truly begins to be a family after three years of being together and knowing some of the children for much longer. I (Rick) had mixed feelings as two of the little girls were returned to their natural families on the mainland. Prayers that all is well with them with their families but tears from all of us as they are missed.
Our weekly Bible lessons have been working through Paul’s letters. Below are 2 photos from the lesson we did from Colossians 3:12 which says, “As God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” As part of the lesson we did a game involving clothing ourselves with silly dress-up clothes, each representing one of these characteristics.
In Ephesians 5 and 6 we discussed the Biblical relationship between a husband and wife, and parents and children. The lessons emphasize once again that we are to love one another as Jesus loves us. For this lesson, we made borax crystal hearts, an interesting project to remind us of loving each other. Below is a photo of some of them drying.
This month we celebrated the birthdays of Mrs. Banesa (the house mother) and Ana, who turned 12.
This past Monday was Dia de Padre (Father’s Day) in Honduras. Mr. Orsy (the house father) and I were invited to school for a Father’s Day program. The children did a great job with songs, poems, and skits.
Next week is Holy Week…Semana Santa. The children are off of school. Since they will have a different structure to their day, we decided it would be a good time to do the Bible School “Maker Fun Factory.” using the curriculum that we did at Shepherd of the Valley last summer. It will be a busy week.
In my morning quiet time while the children are in school, I’ve been reading and studying N.T. Wright’s new book, The Day the Revolution Began (I highly recommend it). Commenting on
Galatians 1:3-4, N.T. Write says, “The loving purpose of God, working through the sin-forgiving death of Jesus, frees us from the power of the ‘present evil age’, so that we may be part of God’s new age, His new creation, launched already when Jesus rose from the dead, awaiting its final completion when He returns, but active now through the work of rescued rescuers – the redeemed human beings called to bring redeeming love into the world – the Passover People.”
Our goal is to bring a little of Jesus’ redeeming love wherever we are in the world, which right now is into into the lives of these children. As Easter approaches, we have the joy of celebrating it on Easter…but the reality is that we have the joy of celebrating His redeeming love every day.
Thank you for your continued prayers as we serve Him here at the Children’s Home. Happy Easter!
Rick and Christie


The sun rises and a new day begins. At just before 7 a.m. the sound of little voices are heard just outside our window…”Miss Christie, Mr Rick, Devotional?” Two of our 4 year olds ask the question they ask almost every day, “Are we having devotions today?” A sweet way to begin the day.
We’ve been back for almost a month now. The first 2 weeks we had 2 different mission teams here from our church. The first week, Rick helped Steve and Rick S. in the building of a home for the family of a girl Steve began sponsoring for school 12 years ago. It made for a quick transition back. The second week here, the other mission team from our home church arrived. It’s always a great week of serving God in Roatan! Because of the work with the mission teams, the older children here took care of the devotions for our first 2 weeks back. Finally week 3, we could tell these little 4 year olds that, “Yes, we are having devotions with you today.”
We began where we left off in our devotion time in the book of Romans, as we continue to work our way through the narrative of the Bible. It worked perfectly with Valentine’s Day to study Romans 13:8-14, “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law…Love your neighbor as yourself.” The kids made a valentine to exchange with someone else in the group. Of course the kids loved that they got candy on those Valentine’s!
That third week also brought the beginning of this school year. With the first floor of the new school finished, the classes moved from being held in the floor above us to the new school. As we carried things from the old school down to the new school, I walked with one of our kids. We took the first path down to the school, a steeper one, and the rocks under my (Christie’s) foot rolled…down I went. I heard a pop in my ankle; thankfully it wasn’t broken but I tore a ligament. It will take a month to heal. I thank God for providing a doctor and a compression brace and that it wasn’t broken!
This week the kids had some fun with face painting and time at the beach. God is good!
Thank you for your continued prayers as we serve Him here at the Children’s Home.
In His love and grace,
Christie and Rick

Rainy Days

It’s been a rainy month on the island with two passing tropical storms. The last one dropped a lot of rain (about ten inches in one day). The island cancelled school for three days. Everyone was stuck inside, too much television, indoor volleyball and kickball in the porch (with a beach ball), coloring, and making bracelets with rubber bands.
Since our last post, two new girls have come to the Children’s Home, sisters Gabriela (13) and Catherine (3). They are adjusting to life here. Catherine isn’t too sure about things, so she stays close to her older sister. Gabriela is in my (Rick) upper elementary Bible Study group. She fits in just fine, she is Spanish speaking, but teach this group primarily in Spanish for another girl who speaks mainly Spanish, Ruby, so it works well. Gabriela won’t begin school until the next school year begins in February, as school only has about two weeks before completing the current year.
Last Sunday the rain stopped for a day. Mr. Orsy decided to load up the bus with all of the bicycles that have been donated to the Children’s Home and take all the kids to an area of the island where they have some sidewalks. The children had a fun time taking turns riding the bikes out in the sunshine and being somewhere different. The rain returned that night.
We have been continuing our “New Testament in chronological order” Bible study. Since our last post we have gone through First and Second Thessalonians and First and Second Corinthians. Today is our last lesson in Second Corinthians, from chapter five, our temporary earthly dwelling and our eternal dwelling in heaven; capping things off with my specialty, edible craft activities (a tent made with graham crackers and frosting).
This morning in my Bible study from Matthew 18, Jesus taught the disciples that one must submit to Jesus as a little child, yielding in trusting confidence to Him. He then taught about the work we have before us, teaching the “little ones” of this world. To quote notes from my Bible Study, “It is sobering to be loved by children. It is more sobering not to lead them to Jesus.” Christie and I both feel it is a privilege to share life with everyone here and teach the love of our Savior, Jesus. It humbles us how these children, who have experienced so little love in their young lives, are drawn towards love.
Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.
In His grip.
Rick and Christie



Egg-citing Times

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter! We had fun celebrating the Risen Savior! The Saturday before Easter was a most egg-citing day. Most of the kids had not decorated eggs before, so we hardboiled 50 eggs giving them each 2 to dye. When we brought the eggs and dye out, we told the kids what we would be doing. Their reaction was, “We’re doing what with the eggs?” And, “Won’t they break? Then we’ll get the gooey stuff all over our hands.” Quickly they were having fun watching the white eggs change into eggs of color. Some of the older kids asked how they could get more than one color on an egg, and so we told them to hold half of the egg in one color, then do the other half in another color, and, if they want to, they can add a third color by combining colors. Off to the races they went with their decorating. We talked about how like the dye changes the egg, Jesus changes our lives when we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He gives us the gift of eternal life through His death and resurrection. Sunday we did a candy hunt using bags since we couldn’t find any plastic eggs here. Sunday night the Big Family attended church together.
In April, we’ve celebrated 5 birthdays. Dayana’s was on April 5. She turned 8 years old. Gaby’s was on April 15, she turned 14 and now joined our older kid’s devotion group. Jorge (also goes by Noel) had his birthday on April 21 and turned 9 years old. Shenice’s was on April 22 and she turned 16 years old. Yulissa’s was on April 25 and she, too, turned 16 years old. We’ve enjoyed lots of cake and ice cream!
Our devotions this month included Paul’s second missionary journey in Acts and James. We finished this last week together doing the Bible School program titled Cave Quest. During our Bible School week, the kids learned that Jesus gives us hope, courage, direction, love, and power through the Holy Spirit. This tied in great with our Acts studies.
It’s hard to believe that another 3 months is coming to an end! Our hearts are touched deeply as the kid’s share their desire for us to stay and some tears are shed. The kids surprised us with a little going away party after devotions. We love seeing God moving in their lives and allowing us to build a relationship with each of them. We pray that our relationship will guide them into a deep relationship with Christ. Again, the two of us talk about the joy we have as we share in the “ministry of presence”…getting to share everyday life together with these kids. What an amazing gift that God gives all of us…the ministry of His presence in our lives. It’s hard to leave, and yet we look forward to seeing family and friends at home. We will be home in MN a bit longer than usual, as our son is getting married. We will be back here in Honduras in mid-September.
We thank you for your continued prayers as we serve God here at the Children’s Home!
In His love,
Christie and Rick

Let’s Go Fly A Kite!

The wind has been strong in the evenings and the weather has shifted from the more comfortable “winter” Roatan temperatures to hot and humid! The wind has come at a perfect time in our lessons as we studied Pentecost. In one of our earlier lessons, we used kites as a tool for discussing the Holy Spirit. The cross shape dowels reminded us of the cross. The kite needs a tail to keep the kite stable in the wind and we need God’s Word to keep us stable. A kite needs a covering; Jesus covers all our sin. A kite has to be anchored to something that won’t blow away, and we, as Christians, have Jesus as our anchor. And kites need the wind to fly; we, as Christians, have the Holy Spirit to lift us up and guide our way. Of course the kids knew we had the kites, so with homework done, Jairo came and asked if we could fly kites, and so down to the field we went to fly kites with the kids.
It’s hard to believe that 2 months have already gone by since coming back to the Children’s Home after the holidays. In March we had 3 birthdays. Angel and Carlos turned 14, and Ana turned 11. Birthdays are always special for the kids!
March also brought another team to the Children’s Home a few weeks after the Shepherd team came. This team included the president of the board for the Children’s Home, Don Shire. It was fun to spend time with them. Their focus was on repairs needed around the home, which included a fresh paint job on the living room and kitchen of the apartment we are staying in. It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint and some things put on the walls make it feel homier in our apartment. We had used the kid’s artwork for our wall decorations beforehand. Now they have a new home on a quilt that was hung for the purpose of displaying their work. The best part for the kids was the gift of 3 new bikes from their team! One with training wheels for the youngest, one middle size bike, and one larger size. They are getting heavy use!!
In March Father’s Day is celebrated. It happened on Sunday, March 19.  Rick can share this: During worship at the Spanish church in Punta Gorda; the fathers were invited to the front to be prayed for. Towards the end of the prayer the families of the fathers came forward to join them. A bunch of kids from the Children’s Home came forward and gathered around me with hugs. They made me feel very loved…even though that’s why we’re here, to love them and teach them of Jesus’ amazing, sacrificial love for all of us. It’s a mysterious thing, the more love you try and give away, the more love there seems there is to give, and the more that seems to come back at you. I suppose that’s why after loving God with all of ourselves there is still love to give to our neighbors.
The kids are taking exams this week and are excited that they will then have the next week off of school. During Semana Santa (Holy Week), we will be sharing, once again, God’s amazing sacrifice of love…John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 1 John 3:16, “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”
Have a wonderful Easter!
In His amazing love,
Christie and Rick


It’s Friday, November 18th. The last day of school for the children for this school year. Last night was our last devotion lesson before returning to the states on Sunday. A day of mixed emotions; good to have completed something but a little emptiness looking at the next few months.
We have finished teaching through the whole Gospel story in chronological order. It took a year and a half but we saw the most amazing story ever; Jesus coming into our world as a little baby, growing up, teaching us all about God, doing all kinds of miracles to help us believe, going to the cross for our forgiveness, rising from the dead, showing himself to many people and giving us some final instructions, then returning to the Father in heaven. It worked out perfectly to finish the story just before the break and to have the entire story fresh in our minds as we approach the Christmas season.
We look forward to catching up with everything in Minnesota and visiting with everyone over the holidays but these children and staff will never be far out of mind.
Here are a couple of photos from when we studied the story of Jesus being placed in the tomb. We had doughnut tombs complete with a cookie stone door and gummy man Jesus in the tomb and two gummy men guards. Any activity involving treats is a very popular activity here!
We also celebrated three birthdays recently, so we hope you enjoy the birthday pictures as well. Happy birthday Sindy (9), Eduardo (4), and Yui (16)!
Thank you for your continued prayers!
Gracia y paz de Dios,
(Grace and peace of God)
Rick and Christie



Rain, rain, go away…

It has been a rainy few weeks here on Roatan, so what happens when you have 23 kids that can’t play outside?  You guessed it…lots of energy inside!  What happens with all that energy?  Well, either craziness or fun craziness.  The other night, after having a few days of rain in a row, the long jump rope came out and was used in the porch.  How many kids can jump at the same time?  The most we had was 3.  While this was happening in the porch area, Rick and some of the kids were in the living room area playing volleyball.  A balloon was used as the ball and the couch was the net.  I wish we would have taken some pictures, but you’ll just have to use your imagination.  With the humidity level high, a lot of sweat happened quickly!  Since not everyone wanted to play, I sat with some of the kids on the other couch and we read books together.  Yesterday we welcomed some sunshine in the afternoon.  Being able to be outside and do homework, chores, and play was great!  Today we have clouds and sun.  God teaches us patience and flexibility every day!
Our devotion lessons have moved into Holy Week.  We shouted, “Hosanna!” to the King, talked about Passover and had a Seder meal together, and washed each other’s feet (some had more of an odor and turned the water dirty fast) after reading how Jesus washed His disciples feet in the scripture passage of the Last Supper.  Last night we went to the garden of Gethsemane with Jesus.  Since the setting was at night time, I brought a flashlight and we read the passage in the dark with only the flashlight shining on the page.  After the elementary age devotions, the younger kids went up to bed.  While we were doing devotions with the older teens, the electricity went out.  God knew this would happen and had us ready with a flashlight in hand to help calm the scared little ones.
Tonight, we had the kids be a part of the experience of the arrest of Jesus.  The older kids played the parts of Jesus, the High Priest, Peter, Pilate, and some of the extra people needed.  The rest of the group was the crowd that yelled out, “crucify Him!”  It didn’t take long for them to really yell that out!  Next week we will finish out the death and resurrection passages.  The week after next will be the final week of our three months here, we will finish with Jesus appearing to His disciples, giving them the great commission, and ascending to heaven.  It’s crazy how quickly our three months go by!
Here are a few pictures from the Seder meal and from the kids in action at the trial of Jesus.  We thank you for your continued prayers as we serve God here at the Children’s Home!
In Him,
Christie and Rick